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Costa Rica One day Tour. Greenway Nature Tours offers many tour options all around Costa Rica. Please take our multiple tour options departing from San Jose, Monteverde, Arenal Volcano, Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, Liberia and Jaco Beach.

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Greenway Nature Tours offers more than 150 diferent tours all arond Costa Rica. Please select the region where you want to take a tour for a full list of options.

Costa Rica One day Tours Costa Rica One day Tours Costa Rica One day Tours
Costa Rica One day Tours Costa Rica One day Tours Costa Rica One day Tours
Costa Rica One day Tours
Costa Rica One day Tours
arenal volcano tour
Costa Rica One day Tours
arenal volcano daily tours
Costa Rica One day Tours
irazu volcano
Costa Rica One day Tours
sarchi oxcart factory
Costa Rica One day Tours
Costa Rica Tour
Costa Rica tours
Costa Rica Tour

Combo Tour
Doka Coffe tour-Poas Volcano- La Paz Waterfalls gardens

Costa Rica tours
Costa Rica Tour
Costa Rica Tour Orosi Valley and Lankaster Gardens
Costa Rica Tour
Costa Rica tour Poas Volcano, Doka, Grecia and Sarchi Oxcart’s Factory
Costa Rica Tour

Pozo Azul Canopy Tour

Costa Rica Tour
Costa Rica Tour Rainforest Aereal Tram
Costa Rica Tour
Costa Rica Tour
costa rica shore excursions

Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, rain forests, waterfalls, and rivers. Adventure travelers can choose from a variety of tours and activities such as rafting tour, snorkeling tour, kayaking tour, sport fishing tour, surfing tour, and lots more.

COSTA RICA TOUR & ECOTOURISM : Considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, Costa Rica is divided in 20 natural parks, 8 biological reserves and a series of protected areas that captivate ecotourism lovers. The variety of activities includes horseback riding, hiking mountainous paths in the cloud forests and guided bird-watching tour.

Tortuguero National Park tour is especially famous for sea turtle nesting that takes place every year, and the natural canals that abound with protected species such as crocodiles, manatees, and otters.

COSTA RICA BIRDWATCHING TOUR: Costa Rica has long been famous among serious bird watchers, but many people who would never consider the activity at home quickly have become interested in the country's spectacular avian diversity. Our agency Greenway Nature Tours offers several tour options for enjoy the birds.

With almost 850 species of birds -more than total of what North America has- packed into an area half the size of Kentucky, it's hard not to become enthused about the variety of feathered creatures one encounters in Costa Rica. And the country's travel agencies can provide experienced nature guides who make any bird watching expedition an educational experience.

COSTA RICA BIODIVERSITY: One of the reasons for Costa Rica’s extraordinary bird life is the country's great variety of habitats: rain forests, mangrove swamps, beaches, cloud forest, rivers, etc. And any two of those ecosystems, with their resident bird species, are often only a short distance apart.

Birders from North America who visit Costa Rica during the northern winter invariably recognize familiar faces in the forest, since many species of warblers, flycatchers, vireos, orioles, etc. migrate to Costa Rica every winter.

COSTA RICA HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR : Opportunities abound to go horseback riding almost everywhere in Costa Rica and climbing onto the horse's back, can be a wonderful way to spice up your vacation.

The choice of horseback excursions ranges from morning trail rides taking you into the mountains above San Jose, which brings you back to your hotel in after lunch, up to all-day expeditions through the rain forest, from which you could leave walking like John Wayne.

Though you might not associate it with a tropical country, Costa Rica has quite a cowboy culture Guanacaste, one of the country's first zones to be conquered by Spaniards, is the province with more tradition in this regard, where many cattle ranches cover the forest-draped hills. ...

Nevertheless, mountain resorts and nature lodges located all over the country offer horseback riding trips, going through pastures, tropical forests, or down the beaches, and often stopping at waterfalls and lakes. Horseback riding tours are also an excellent choice for bird watching and getting close to nature, and the people leading the tours often have eyes peeled for interesting critters.

COSTA RICA ZIPLINE CANOPY TOUR: A growing number of tours let visitors explore the rain forest canopy's high-altitude ecosystems, a luxuriant and little-known realm that is home to most of the jungle's plant and animal species. Ecologists started only two decades ago to seriously study these high-altitudes, using sophisticated devices as mountain climbing equipment and construction cranes, that tourist now have the chance to use to cross the biological frontier.

COSTA RICA RAIN FOREST TOUR: The country's forests sometimes seem like the biological equivalent of a cathedral; those giant tropical trees have the appearance of columns, and its canopies that house a collection of epiphytic plants are far more complex than the paintings on Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Mother Nature seems to work overtime in the tropics, and biologists classified the consequent diversity of forests into a dozen different life zones. However, most of those forests can be lumped into three more general groups: rain, cloud and dry forests. Rain forests, with their massive trees, very high canopies and little growing on the dimly lit forest floor, can be found in the Atlantic lowlands and southwest.

The northwest contains some of the last remnants of the tropical dry forest, a less exuberant life zone that shares much of the diversity of the rain forests. Cloud forests, which cover the upper slopes of most mountains and volcanoes, are the most luxuriant of the tropical forests, with mosses and other small plants covering the trunks and branches of trees. They are all beautiful, and in many ways similar, but each one has plants and animals that won't be found in the rest of them.

RIVERS & LAKES TOUR: Copious rainfall has endowed Costa Rica with an abundance of rivers, but surprisingly, there are very few lakes. Nearly all the country's rivers begin in the mountains, where many are frothy white water routes perfect for rafting and kayaking.

Once those rivers flow into the lowlands, however, they become languid waterways, many of which are lined with verdant walls of vegetation. Those lowland rivers are excellent routes for small boat trips, which allow passengers to observe some of the local flora and fauna.

Great Experiences with Costa Rica Tour:

Costa Rica tour are unique in their own way compared to other south sea travel destinations in that there are many wonders to be found in the country including hundreds of pristine beaches facing two warm oceans.

Most of the other south sea countries only offer a limited range of tourist destinations and activities, much unlike what’s available in Costa Rica. Here one can tramp through some of the densest virgin forests on the planet or hike Chirripo Mountain (which is about four kilometers above sea level) through chilly cloud forests. One can also have the privileged of seeing both seas (the Pacific and the Caribbean) at the same time on a clear day.

Further, one can also participate in various eco projects such as protecting nesting marine turtles, archaeological site digging, or establishment and maintenance of rainforest trails.

Visitors coming to Costa Rica have different preferences; some want to see as much as possible in the shortest time while others prefer an easier pace. To cater for all to satisfaction, the Costa Rica tourist circuit has a number of tours which one can choose from.

One of the most popular options is the four-in-one rainforest tour. This is a one day tour organized by several tour companies whereby the guests get to have a learning adventure through ten different climatic zones. This Costa Rica tour adventure features a bus ride up the coffee and ornamental flower laden interior mountains, passing through a cloud forest, and then to the smoldering 2707 meter high Poas volcano.

After climbing down the central Cordillera mountain range, one gets to the butterfly and hummingbird refuge that leads to the rainforest waterfall garden park. One also gets to see giant green and orange iguanas basking, sloths, herons, howler and white monkeys, vultures, as well as the occasional crocodiles and so much more. It is certainly an experience that one can hardly forget.

Costa Rica tour offer visitors a chance to travel around and experience the wonders in the country on pre-programmed tourist routes. Tourists always travel around in air-conditioned tour buses which take them to selected areas that have the most attractive features in the country. The magnificent views of twisting mountain roads, oceans, volcanic mountains, and the hustle through both rural and urban settings, are some of the pictures that forever stick to the visitors’ minds.

When planning to go on Costa Rica tour, make sure you first get enough information about the experiences you can expect. You can contact us for further information.

Contact us, and we will organize your trip of a lifetime.

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