For an unforgettable Costa Rica Vacation you must include in your trip some of the most adventurous tours in this special destination. There are many tours all around the country, but we would like to suggest the ones we consider the Top 5 options:

Tortuguero National Park:  This unique National Park is located in the Northern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Its name comes from the Spanish world Tortuga, which means Turtle. This because between the months of August to November thousands of Green Turtles come to the beach to lay eggs into the sand. Tortuguero is listed as one of the most important sites in the world for this natural phenomenon. During the turtle’s season, many local and international tourists come to this place to observe the giant animals lay the eggs into the sand or the hatchling in the months of November to February.  With our convenient Vacation Packages in Costa Rica: Pachira Lodge in Tortuguero  3 days – 2 nights any visitor to can enjoy this unique experience.

Tortuga Island: Whether you’re 2 or 92 no visit to Costa Rica is complete without a trip on Calypso’s world famous Tortuga Island Cruise. Tortuga Island is the best destiny to enjoy one day tour in Costa Rica. Located at only 90 minutes from Puntarenas, the island offers a beautiful white sand beach and clear waters. The journey to Tortuga is onboard a deluxe catamaran and the tour includes all the meals, refreshments, tropical fruits and lots of fun.

Combo Adventure: Costa Rica offers different kinds of white water rafting where the adrenaline shoots to the limit and fascinating Zip Line Canopy Tour can be experienced from the top of the trees. Now you can enjoy both activities combined in a single tour: The Combo Adventure. Our tour is operated in the natural wonders of Sarapiqui, a large territory located in the northern part of the country, with crystalline rivers, abundant scenic beauty and towns full of hard-working and friendly people. Without a doubt, this combination is a perfect option for visitors with not too much time and interested in experience the best of Costa Rica.

Pacuare River Rafting: The Pacuare River is one of the top five rafting rivers in the world for its scenery and rapids. This quintessential tropical river is a trip of pure magic, unsurpassed beauty, wildlife and exhilarating rapids. Located on Costa Rica’s Atlantic slope, the Pacuare River borders the Talamanca mountain range, home to native Cabecar Indians and an incredible variety of wildlife.

Arenal Volcano: Located in the north of Costa Rica, the impressive Arenal Volcano is a natural phenomenon that attracts thousands and thousands of tourists due to the beauty of the area and the perfect volcano cone shape. Fortuna Town, where it is located, offers to the visitors multiple options for a great vacation in Costa Rica. Several Hot Springs surrounding the volcano are the most popular attractions besides the nature and adventure tours that you can take including: nature walks, hanging bridges, rafting tours, horseback riding, lake kayaking, mountain bike and many more. Without a doubt, Arenal and Fortuna Town is a must see destination in Costa Rica.

Accordingly with these recommendations, which ones do you want to include in your next Costa Rica Vacation?