Green. That’s how we’d like the world to be. As an environmental leader, Greenway Nature Tours does more than meet industry standards—we seek to raise them. With an unwavering commitment to environmental protection, Greenway strives to promote environmentally and educational tours.



Greenway Tours support several private initiatives that are working for the natural resources and the
wildlife conservation by different ways. One of them is with direct economical support to their programs
and other one is by bringing our clients to these projects to see what they are doing in order to learn about their experiences. With these visits we support indirectly they work with the entrance fees and tours and invite to our customers to make donations.


Greenway Tours has a strong leadership in Costa Rica regarding Educational Travel. Every year we
attend students group’s form all over the world, from countries such as United Stated, England, Canada,
Grand Cayman, Holland, Mexico and others.

In all our Educational Travel Programs (ETP) we include visits to local schools in remote and poor areas of Costa Rica, in order to promote a Cultural Exchange between the foreign students and the local ones. By this way, both groups get real impressions about their realities and help the students to create better global relationships between races, creeds, ethnicities and cultures.

Normally we invite to the visitors to bring small presents for the local students and the school, and the local ones prepares with their limited resources and Greenway Tours support, special activities such as soccer games, pick nicks, traditional games, reforestation programs, classroom’s painting, etc.

In many of the cases, the foreign schools organize fund raising and give donation to the facility chosen by Greenway Tours. During the last 4 years, Greenway Tours has selected and been working with the small and poor school of CALLE LA LUCHA in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui. All our last groups had visited this school and with the different donations, the School’s Board of Directors has been able to build better and new facilities for the students, helping by this way to create better conditions for the community.

For the next years, we are working with the school with a new project for build a cafeteria and a library for the students.



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