Puerto Limon Costa Rica is located in the Caribbean Coast of the country and it’s a famous port destination for multiple cruise lines that visit Costa Rica as part of the Panama Canal Cruise. Puerto Limon is home to a thriving Afro-Caribbean community and from the approximately 2% of the black people living in Costa Rica, about 75% lives in this province.

During the months between September to May, about 200 cruise ships visit this port and Greenway Nature Tours, a professional tour operator and travel agency, offers multiple excellent shore excursions and land tours to the cruise ship passengers.

The most popular tour is called Limon Highlights: 6 in 1 Combo Tour. This option includes a visit to the rainforest by a wagon that is pulled by a tractor along the specially designed paths producing a minimal impact into the ecosystem. During this experience, tourist can enjoy the wonders of the rainforest and see some wildlife species including howler monkeys, sloths, toucans, colorful birds, butterflies, iguanas and more.

Puerto Limon is famous for its banana production. Costa Rica is considered the second largest banana producer in the world after Ecuador and mostly of the plantations are located in this province. As part of this tour, a visit to a Del Monte banana plantation and packing house is included. On this visit the tourist can have a pretty close contact with the crop and the workers doing their job. Cut the fruit, transporting it to the packing house, washing and cleaning, selecting and packing into the boxes to be exported the same day to the international markets.  Without a doubt this will be a very nice and cultural experience.

Continuing with the tour, you will enjoy a boat ride at the Tortuguero Canals where many wildlife species are easy to find such as sloths, iguanas, egrets, turtles, monkeys, snakes, aquatic birds and more. This portion of the tour is a great opportunity for enjoy the rich wildlife of the area.

All these activities are combining with scenic drives along the coast, shopping time and a city tour of Puerto Limon.

Other tours in Puerto Limon Costa Rica include adventurous experiences as well such as the zip line canopy tour. In the beautiful property of Cedar Valley, Greenway Tours arrange rides on the tree tops in a safe and professional way. For your next visit to Puerto Limon consider some of these tours. From the youngest to the seniors, all options will be a great experience for the whole family.