Dear Customer / Travel Agents:

Thank you very much for book your Shore Excursion with GREENWAY NATURE TOURS.

GREENWAY NATURE TOURS is independent of your cruise line’s shore excursion desk. Please do not assume that your Shore Excursion is cancelled if the shore excursion desk cancels their own activity. We have independent operations.

OUR TIMES ARE LOCAL PORT TIME. Please note that in Costa Rica there is some confusion about ship time versus local time. Please check with the reception to clarify whether your ship changes its time to local time, so you don’t miss your excursion. As each ship is ruled by its captain, it is your responsibility to confirm this while you are sailing. WE USE LOCAL PORT TIME AND YOU MUST CHECK IT BEFORE DESEMBARK. If you are confused regarding the time and showed up one hour earlier, please do not complaint to the guide. PLEASE READ PICK UP INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

LOST & FOUND: Please be sure you have all of your belongings when you complete your tour. Greenway Tours is not responsible for items left behind. In case some items are important, and you request a prompt return by mail, the costs will be charged accordingly.


You may cancel within 10 days prior to the trip date and receive your money back. Trips may be cancelled for any reason up to 10 days prior to the trip date. At 9 days prior to the trip date, there will be no refunds for any cancellation, except if the trip cannot be taken since the cruise ship does not make port or that if conditions prevent the Tour Operator from operating the trip. If you had a problem with your trip you must tell us within 12 days after the trip date. The traveler must notify Greenway Tours in writing (email and faxes are accepted) within 12 days after the trip date of any and all circumstances that caused a cancellation that should result in the refund of monies paid. Group bookings may be non-refundable if the trip price is based on a specific number of participants. All bookings will always have a $20 non-refundable penalty for cancellations made at any time after the booking has been confirmed and the credit card charged. This because the bank charge us this amount as a penalty when we request a refund.

CREDIT CARDS DISPUTE: Customers who dispute a Greenway Tours credit card charge by filing chargeback notice with their credit card companies will be charged a $25 administrative fee (per chargeback notice) by Greenway Tours if the chargeback is ruled in the favour of Greenway Tours by the financial institution.

Before to present a dispute, we recommend contacting us before for discuss the dispute. If you had a problem with your trip you must tell us within 12 days after the trip date. The traveler must notify Greenway Tours in writing (email and faxes are accepted) within 12 days after the trip date of any and all circumstances that caused a dispute that should result in the refund of monies paid

PRE-PAY & PAY ACCOUNT BY WIRE TRANSFER: If you prefer to pay by bank deposit, please contact our main office for additional information.


  1. To guarantee the reservation, the information about the passenger should be emailed, and the payment should be done maximum 5 days after confirmation, excluding the cases in which the client is already in compliance with the regulations about credit thought our Accounting Department.
  2. Any special information about the passenger should be written in the voucher and emailed at the time of scheduling the reservation.
  3. The agency or client that makes a reservation should require a written confirmation from our Reservations Department, as a guarantee for the services.4. The agency or client that schedules the reservation may request Greenway Tours to take the payment directly from the client at the pickup time. However, the agency or client should take total responsibility in the case of “no show” of any participant by paying the full rate to Greenway Tours.
  4. In the case of “NO SHOW” the service will be charged in full.
  5. Greenway Tours will wait 10 minutes for a passenger after the specific Pick Up time indicated in the Confirmation Form. After this time, the tour will leave, and the client will be charged as NO SHOW.
  6. Greenway Tours will wait for the necessary time if there are delays with the docking procedures or clearance by the local authorities. In case that the ship can’t dock due really bad weather conditions or any special reason, we guarantee to all our customers a FULL REFUND without any penalty fee. However, if the ship docks, trips operate rain or shine, and we can’t accept last minute cancellations due normal rainy conditions.


  1. Passengers between 2-10 years old are considered children and in some tour options special rates apply. However, some options may not apply children’s rates due its special operations.
  2. Passengers over 10 years old will pay the adult normal fee.
    10. Passengers under 2 years old are considered infants and do not pay any fee. Parents will assume their expenses and provide their meals.


  1. Greenway Tours reserves the right to change the route or original program of any tour if this is beneficial to the client and due special situations or circumstances out of our control that can affect the well operation of the tour or physical integrity of our customers. Greenway Tours reserve the right to exclude any participant in the tour if his/her behavior is unbecoming or injurious to the welfare of the group.
  2. In some cases, Greenway Tours acts as an agent and requires external services from hotels, tour operators, restaurants, etc. In these cases, their insurance and cancellation policies have priority over us. Nevertheless, our vehicles have the best insurance coverage’s allowed by the Costa Rican government and an additional insurance for Tour Operators
  3. In some tours, such as rafting, canopy, tree tops walks, etc, Greenway Nature Tours or our suppliers will request to the customer to fill out and sign a waiver. In the case the customer denied signing it up, the company could take the decision to exclude the client from that specific activity and explore a substitute activity.GREENWAY NATURE TOURS, as a recognized tour company, acts only as an agent for the passenger in regard to travel, whether by car, motor coach, boat or plane and assumes no liability during such travel for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or for any company person engaged in covering the passenger or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour. GREENWAY NATURE TOURS assume no liability for the loss or personal effects or baggage. The right is reserved to cancel, or substitute stops on any tour without notice, and to use the services of affiliated companies as deemed necessary.CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS: GREENWAY NATURE TOURS is a recognized and certified Travel Agency and Tour Operator by the government of Costa Rica, according with the laws and regulations estipulate by the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT).


NOTES: When other individuals or companies are used to provide services, their insurance payment and cancellation policies will apply.

*Your guides and drivers appreciate a TIP as a thank you for good service.

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