Wood Craft Shopping Experience and Sarchí Oxcarts with lunch Tour

DURATION: 6 hours aprox.
INCLUDE: – Private Round trip transportation
– Bilingual Naturalist Tour Guide (English/Spanish)
– Shopping Time and visits to multiple shops
– Lunch.
WHAT´S TO BRING: Camera, Hat, Walking Shoes, Sun cream, Mosquito repellent
  • 2-4 PASSENGERS: $120
  • 5-10 PASSENGERS: $105
  • 11+ PASSENGERS: $90

Private One Day Tours Costa Rica had been designed considering the best standards of quality, service, locations and price in order to provide an unforgettable experience.

This tour starts with a private pick-up directly at your hotel by our tour guide. From San Jose and only 40 kilometers away is the quaint little town of Sarchi, known throughout Costa Rica for its beautiful and intricate arts and crafts and souvenirs. Sarchi is perhaps most widely recognized for its colorful and decorative oxcarts that have been made here for over a century.

A national symbol of Costa Rica, the oxcart plays a key role in the country’s history, as they were used to transport coffee beans & other goods to nearby and faraway markets and ports. Starting in 1840’s most of the rural roads were very rough making the ox cart the sole means of transportation for families even though the trips could take weeks at times.

Highly ornate, these oxcarts are elegantly craved and are usually hand-painted with bright colors. The painting of the ox cart is a Costa Rican tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Today most of the ox carts in Costa Rica are used as ornate decoration as well as symbols of Costa Rica in celebrations and parades. The largest and oldest oxcart factory is also found in Sarchi. The Joaquin Chaverri Oxcart Factory was built in 1902, and is considered to be the birthplace of oxcart handicrafts in Costa Rica.


Also, widely found throughout town are dozens of wooden furniture and souvenir stores that sell everything from beautifully decorated bowls and trays to intricately carved wooden utensils, jewelry and masks. Elegant and stylish, a lot of wooden furniture is also available in Sarchi, from tables and chairs to dressers and desks. These items are usually meant for the local market, and often reflect Costa Rica’s diverse culture and traditions.

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